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This page is part of the project CAK3 (Center of Applied Cybernetics 3) on the VŠB - TUO.

You can find optimal RFID products like chips or inlays for your need by using our intelligent database expert system.

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The basis of each RFID tag is always the RFID chip coupled with an antenna. For the vast majority of today's RFID tags their base is inlay which is a complete RFID chip and antenna on a self-adhesive backing. The antenna is flat, die-formed or newly printed in special ink with metallic conductive additive. RFID inlay serves mostly as a basis for producing SMARTLABEL, which are printable adhesive labels. RFID inlay is also used after encapsulation as various forms of RFID tags.


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Given the complexity of technology there is only few manufacturers of RFID inlays and even fewer manufacturers of RFID chips. Application of RFID expert offers an intelligent guide when selecting an RFID inlay currently available from all manufacturers available.

RFID inlay manufacturers use various types of antennas suitable for different applications. The shape and size of the antenna predetermine frequency characteristics again using CIP data properties. They are available RFID inlay for application to various surfaces and shapes with adjustable reading distance.

Manufacturers offered by RFID inlay classified into different categories of intended use. But the reality is often different, so we offer a choice of RFID inlays using the guide according to the required properties.