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ID projektu: 202

Název: Developing Ambient Intelligence and Efficient Authentication of Products

Anotace: Development of an in-depth understanding of markets for illicit goods, in particular the supply side of counterfeit trade where five major types of counterfeit producers have been identified, and the identification of the most vulnerable points within licit supply chains. These results contribute to the implementation of specific, targeted, and cost effective countermeasures.

Popis: Development of tracking-based anti-counterfeiting measures that build on existing supply chain infrastructures, including an assessment of their potential and limitations. Development of a methodology and a toolset to better estimate the impact of illicit trade and product piracy on the financial framework of affected companies, comprising the revenue loss and brand value depreciation as well as the costs of countermeasures. Demonstration of item-level track and trace data collection and management as an effective and efficient tool practice to provide secure identification. Integration of a smart RFID tag (low frequency) in a metal product together with a specialized reader device that works for one-by-one authentication. Implementation and practical testing of an advanced product verification infrastructure that supports the integration of different authentication technologies. Demonstration of the value added by RFID for anti-counterfeiting through easy, fast, and reliable verification of goods based on trials in real-world environments in different industries.


Odběratel: SAP AG



Rok: 2009


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Technologie: UHF (MHz)