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ID projektu: 206

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: National EPC Network Demonstrator Project

Anotace: A returns process was also tested. Retrieved empty pallets had their tags read as they left a customer's facility and were taken back to CHEP's warehouse. There, the pallet tags were read once more. With accurate reads occurring 100 percent of the time, the pilot was able to demonstrate successful electronic proof of deliveries, eliminating hours spent manually checking inventory and recording delivering information.

Popis: An Australian group of businesses and organizations completed a two-month pilot-testing RFID tags and interrogators affixed to wooden pallets. The results, the group says, prove RFID can raise productivity and efficiencies in a multi-industry supply chain. The group of business, including CHEP, P&G, ACCO and others, used Impinj powered RFID tags to track the delivery and return of wooden pallets, achieving perfect read rates throughout the supply chain, proving that RFID can be used to improve business practices through the supply chain. When a CHEP truck driver would pick up an order and load it onto a truck for delivery, they would read the tag on the pallet and the information would upload to the driver's PDA. Once all items scheduled for pick up were read, the PDA would signal the driver it was time to depart. Upon arriving at a customer's site, an RFID reader deployed at the site would read the tagged pallets as they were unloaded from the truck, and when the order was unloaded correctly, the PDA would once again signal the process was complete. If there were no discrepancies, the driver could close the order, and if there were, they could resolve them at the time of the delivery.


Odběratel: CHEP, P&G, ACCO and others



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Cíl použití: Evidence

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Čtecí vzdálenost: Střední [2 - 6 m]

Technologie: UHF (MHz)