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ID projektu: 211

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Taiwan Customs Officials

Anotace: Taiwan customs officials need to outfit Kaohsiung Harbor, one of the 10 largest parts in the world, with an RFID solution that would eliminate the need for container escorts as well as improve security and efficiencies. To prevent smuggling, customs officials were required to escort some 50,000 unloaded containers each year from the carrier yard, through downtown, to one of the port's five container terminals—a costly process.

Popis: Customs officials chose Yeon Technologies as a solution provider. They provided a tamper-proof bolt containing a RFID chip and Impinj Speedway readers. Container doors are sealed shut with the RFID-embedded bolt. If the bolt is cut or removed, the chip ceases to function, alerting officials to a possible tamper situation with that container. 40 Impinj Speedway readers were installed at checkpoints along 20 lanes used for transporting containers. The Speedway readers were chosen based on their ability to withstand high temperatures, high humidity and other environmental factors present at the harbor. When a truck passes through a checkpoint, the Speedway reader reads the RFID bolt. At the same time, the truck driver's ID will be detected through a driver ID system. If the container ID doesn't match up with the driver ID, an alarm will be sent to harbor police for a physical inspection. Once the truck arrives at the destination, a handheld reader once again scans the bolt, and then deletes it from the database. According to officials, the system has an accuracy rate of 97.42 percent at a distance of more than 7 meters (23 feet). That should result in an annual reduction of 6,000 man-hours for escorts, through the elimination of 10,000 escorts by Customs officers.

Dodavatel: Yeon Technologies

Odběratel: Taiwan Customs Officials



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