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ID projektu: 213

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Anotace: When the new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel opened in Vancouver, Canada, just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, it opened with technology in place to track 35,000 pieces of textiles, including robes, sheets and towels. Most hotels store a large safety stock of linens in the event that some become lost, but the Fairmont, which has a limited amount of storage space, wanted to avoid having to do so. Additionally, the hotel wanted to be able to track the number of times each item had been laundered, thereby helping it estimate the lifespan of its linens.

Popis: Facing all these issues, the Fairmont chose RFID to track its various linens. The solution features washable attached to each linen and Impinj readers at the washing facility. As the bins of soiled laundry are wheeled into the laundry facility they pass a portal, featuring an Impinj reader connected to four antennas, which tracks what items are entering the facility. When the items return from the laundry room or the commercial cleaners, they again pass through one of the portals. The software compares their tag ID numbers with those of items sent out for laundering, thereby determining that they are being returned, and again stores that information. The hotel can then run business reports that describe, for example, how often items have been laundered, the amount of time they were gone and which did not return. Thanks to the RFID implementation, the hotel expects to lose fewer items and decrease the amount of time its staff would otherwise spend tracking inventory, thereby saving the company money. In addition, the hotel will not need to store as much safety stock, thus freeing up space for other storage needs.


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