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ID projektu: 216

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Bode Technology

Anotace: The DNA analysis firm Bode Technology is piloting an RFID system to manage the more than 50,000 pieces of DNA evidence that moves through the facility's supply chain, from storage to laboratory analysis.

Popis: When evidence samples arrive at the facility, they are tagged with an and placed in the evidence room. As the evidence passes through the doorway into the evidence room, it passes through a portal built by Jamison Door which contains an Impinj RFID reader. The ID number is transmitted to Bode's back-end server via a cabled connection, indicating it has arrived at the evidence room. When an item is checked out of the evidence room by a DNA analyst, it passes through the evidence room's portal and is taken to the laboratory, where a desktop or handheld reader is used by the staff each time the evidence changes hands. Prior to the implementation of RFID, staff manually input data to create a record of a piece of evidence's arrival. RFID has not only reduced time spent creating records, but has also made locating samples easier. As the system proves its accuracy capabilities, Bode hopes to add RFID tagging to all pieces of evidence, and is marketing this system to law enforcement agencies across the country.


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Cíl použití: Evidence

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