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ID projektu: 217

Název: Customer Success Story: Antolini Luigi & Co.

Anotace: Antolini Luigi & Co., an Italian producer and distributor of granite, marble and other stone products, uses RFID to manage the over 900,000 slabs of polished stones made each year, and the stones from which the slabs are cut. By using RFID, Antolini Luigi & Co. has increased their inventory accuracy by over 80%, making it easier for employees to locate product quickly and reducing labor costs by 40%.

Popis: Softwork, the hardware provider for the RFID deployment, had a third-party converter custom-make small tags specifically for tracking the cut slabs of granite. The tags contain Impinj Monza 3 tag chips, and are embedded in high-density polyethylene to protect them from weather and dust. They are less than an inch wide, so they fit onto the edge of any slab produced at the plant. The slabs are stacked on metal storage racks, and associated to the rack using the RFID solution. When an employee is looking for a specific slab, they can pull up the number of the rack it's stored on, making it easy to locate the slab. Employees uses handheld RFID readers to conduct inventory. Before using RFID, it took two employees two days to manually collect the ID numbers used to identify each piece of stone. Now, it takes one employee less than three hours to take inventory of all its blocks and slabs, which includes up to 30,000 large blocks and 100,000 finished (cut and polished) slabs, on average.


Odběratel: Antolini Luigi & Co.



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