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Název: Retail Case Study: Izzy's Ice Cream

Anotace: Izzy's Ice Cream, a popular ice cream parlor in St. Paul, Minnesota, needed an automated solution to keep customers up-to-date with flavor changes in the store and online. The RFID solution delivers: •Increased customer comfort in store •Reduced unmet customer expectations •Automated customer notification of product availability •Increased sales

Popis: Challenge Because of the popularity of Izzy’s Ice Cream products, they had a chronic problem of unmet customer expectations. Lines snake out the door in the peak summer season, meaning Izzy’s often ran out of favored flavors before a customer reached the front of the line. Izzy’s has only 32 spots in their dipping cabinet, yet produces over 120 different varieties each year, so the flavor changes can be frequent. During busy periods, staff wasn’t always able to accurately maintain the flavor description displays, and the limited space in front of the cabinet to make a visual choice further impacted the problem. Co-owner Jeff Sommer says he was beginning to sense a tipping point in customer frustration; frustration that developed before he’d even had the chance to sell them a single scoop. He tried to address the problem by taking down customer’s names and calling them when their preferred flavor became available. But often by the time the customer arrived, that flavor was already gone, redoubling the customer’s frustration Sommers wanted a way to provide customers with more current updates both for the in-store displays and the courtesy ice cream flavor availability notifications. Having read about Walmart’s RFID initiative, and how a Twin Cities legal firm had used RFID to track case files, he began to wonder if the technology might also solve his problem. After a lengthy search, he found a willing RFID partner in AbeTech, who looked upon the job as a technical challenge. By nature, the environment inside an ice cream display case or dipping cabinet is challenging. It’s cold and moist with metal prevalent in the ice cream tubs and cabinet. The challenge was to find RFID tags and a reader that would work reliably, given the interference potential of such an environment, while keeping costs to a minimum. How It Works The first task AbeTech performed was a site survey to better understand the location, and determine what would be tagged. They quickly ruled out the ice cream tubs. Not only were the frozen buckets physically difficult to tag, their tight slot within the metal dipping cabinet increased the potential for tag damage as well as attenuation of the radio frequency signal. By taking advantage of the ice cream nameplates that go into the display case to identify every ice cream flavor, they came up with a suitable solution. AbeTech attached Confidex Micro Steelwave reusable tags (powered by Impinj Monza® tag chips) to the back of each nameplate, thereby providing the tag to flavor association necessary for the application to work. For the reader, AbeTech discovered during the survey that the Impinj Speedway reader performed almost a third better than competing brands in terms of read rates and sensitivity. Although not an Impinj partner at the time, this site survey and further tests conducted in house convinced AbeTech to become one. This decision also made available the Impinj reader antenna suite, which proved to be very advantageous. The dipping cabinet is quite narrow, limiting antenna choices. AbeTech tried various antennas in a variety of locations in trying to meet Izzy’s specifications for both appearance and operation. In the end, the best choice turned out to be Impinj’s Threshold antenna, originally developed for boundary crossing applications. A local metal worker created custom brackets that suspend the antennas from the top of the dipping cabinet in a roughly 45-degree angle. AbeTech used four Threshold antennas in the application, all connected to one Speedway reader located at the bottom of the cabinet where the freezer compressor would normally sit. A PC controls the reader and updates the “Flavor Up” database. Within the store, graphical displays of flavors, where large colored dots with associated titles represent the various available choices, appear on a TV monitor and are projected onto the wall behind the dipping counter. A similar display appears on the company website. Whenever employees change out an ice cream tub, they also slide the corresponding nameplates into the metal bracket. The reader, which continually reads the tags, picks up the new tag, and the database is updated. This information instantly goes out on Facebook, Twitter, and email signup notifications. Within the shop, after a three-minute delay, a short animation begins where all the flavor dots gently move around, giving warning to anybody in line that their options are changing. Benefits Although not directly measurable, Sommers considers the benefits to be multiple: an increased level of comfort in the store, because customers have more warning as to their choices; decreased unmet customer expectations; more interaction amongst customers in the store over their choice of “Izzy Scoop,” which adds to the atmosphere; scalability for future increased customer interaction via social media; and increased sales Izzy's Ice Cream Izzy’s Ice Cream, an artisanal ice cream producer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has earned an enthusiastic following. With flavors like Norwegian Chai, Dinosaur Egg, and customer favorite, Salted Caramel, it’s not your run-of-the-mill ice cream parlor. In addition to the standard vanilla fare, Izzy’s produces high-quality ice cream with interesting ingredients such as baked goods, beer, and wine, many obtained from local sources. And with their innovative, “Izzy Scoop®,” a one-ounce taster added to each order, customers feel emboldened to try the less conventional flavors.

Dodavatel: AbeTech

Odběratel: Izzy's Ice Cream

Přínosy: •Increased customer comfort in store •Reduced unmet customer expectations •Automated customer notification of product availability •Increased sales


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