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ID projektu: 229

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Fallsview Casino Resort

Anotace: The Fallsview Casino Resort, located in Niagra Falls, Canada, has attached s to their employee's uniforms to gain visibility into the cleaning and reissuing of the garments. The RFID solution, provided by InvoTech Systems, features Impinj Speedway Revolution readers. At the time that the are attached to the clothing, a staff member uses an Impinj reader to interrogate each tag ID. The reader is wired to the resort's back-end system and stores the tag's unique ID. A worker then uses a drop-down menu to select which type of item it is—such as a shirt, jacket or trousers—as well as its size.

Popis: Uniforms are then assigned to employees. As each staff member receives his or her uniform, the garment first passes over a reader antenna built into a counter, and the recipient's name is input into the system. From that point on, that worker will continue to use that specific uniform, and as each shift ends, he or she can simply drop the soiled garment down a chute. The dropped uniform lands in a wheeled basket at the bottom of the chute. Once the basket is full, it is rolled past an Impinj reader en route to the laundry room. After being washed and dried, the outfits pass the reader once more while moving in the other direction (leaving the laundry room), and the device again captures the ID numbers and updates the garments' status. The positioning of antennas enables the interrogator to detect in which direction the basket is travelling (and, thus, whether the contents are clean or soiled). By using this system, the resort can provide uniforms to staff members more efficiently, without requiring paperwork and manual assistance for retrieving and checking out the garments. The system also enables users to better track inventory levels, in order to view how often uniforms are laundered, when they are approaching the end of their life cycle, and how quickly they are washed.

Dodavatel: InvoTech Systems

Odběratel: The Fallsview Casino Resort



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