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ID projektu: 234

Název: Entertainment Case Study: Apollo Agency

Anotace: The Apollo Agency is a Montreal marketing and communications firm that specializes in product launches, messaging campaigns and events. Recently, they began implementing RFID into events, creating interactive and personalized experiences for party goers. At a networking event, featuring a performance from a local Montreal band named St. Ange, Apollo Agency used RFID to implement a system that gave event attendees personalized welcoming messages.

Popis: The system includes Impinj Speedway Revolution 420 readers installed at the entrance to the party and within the party area. Each reader was wired to an antenna, and each party guest was given a "welcoming" card featuring a chip. Prior to the event, guests registered online and printed out a ticket with a barcode. As part of the check-in process, the barcode was scanned, linking their RFID card to their registration information. Upon entering the party, guests would be greeted with a looping video featuring Angela Galuppo, lead singer of St. Ange. A reader positioned next to the video image invited attendees to scan their card. If they were one of the first 100 people to register, the video of Galuppo would then switch to her delivering a personalized welcome message, including the guest's name. Galuppo recorded all of the messages prior to the event. Once inside the event, guests could use their RFID cards to to prompt a screen to play St. Ange's latest music video. Overall, the system worked so well, Apollo Agency plans to use it at other parties as well as incorporate RFID in a variety of other ways.


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Technologie: UHF (MHz)