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ID projektu: 235

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Rivers Casino

Anotace: Rivers Casino, located in Illinois, operates multiple restaurants and bars, as well as gaming floors, within its facility and each areas requires its own distinctive uniforms. With over 1,120 employees wearing 20,000 pieces of apparel, Rivers Casino needed a way to track each piece of apparel, ensuring the uniforms are cleaned and available when needed.

Popis: Rivers Casino chose InvoTech System's RFID-based laundry management solution to track employee uniforms. With this system, the hotel can monitor whether uniforms are in use, being laundered or are ready to use, as well as if they are being returned by staff at the appropriate times. The solution features a uniform processing station where new tagged uniforms are added to the system. The processing station features two Impinj Speedway Revolution readers and antennas. The clothing is tagged with rubber-encapsulated that can sustain the casino's washing process. Upon reporting to work, employees use their employee cards to pick up their uniforms from a storage area. As the clothing leaves, the RFID tag is read and that information is stored. When it's ready to be cleaned, the worker can place it in a bin headed to laundry services. The bin is wheeled past another Impinj RFID reader, and after it's cleaned, is once again wheeled past the reader. The clothing is once again placed in the uniform storage area, ready to be picked up by the employee. According to the casino, this system has ensured that uniforms are not lost, and makes it easy to assign garments to those who need them. This system also ensures the casino doesn't order excessive quantities of uniforms, and allows them to order new uniforms when old ones have reached their expected lifespan.

Dodavatel: InvoTech System

Odběratel: Rivers Casino



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