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ID projektu: 236

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Anotace: The Danish Agriculture & Food Council recently wrapped up a three-year pilot project testing RFID technology for tracking pigs from birth until the time they are sold. Known as PigTracker, the project included five different breeders tagging up to 3,000 pigs each, outfitting each pig with an RFID ear tag. Once the tag was attached, the farmer would then input data on the animal such as its date of birth and weight.

Popis: Each farm was outfitted several Impinj Speedway Revolution readers and antennas mounted to the ceilings and walls of the hallways through which the pigs pass when moving from one area to the next. Every time a pig passed under the reader, its tag was read and the result was transmitted to the back-end software. The tag would record the pigs movement each time it moved to a new area of the farm. When pigs received medical treatment, a handheld reader was used to input new information. Thus far, the council has found that the UHF RFID tag's longer read range made it easier to track the animals while moving quickly and in multiple directions. This system should help supply farmers with the answers to simple questions like, "Where is my pig?" and indicate where it came from, as well as its age and health history.


Odběratel: Danish Agriculture & Food Council



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