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ID projektu: 237

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Corporate Art Force

Anotace: Many business display art work throughout their offices and facilities, with no real way of tracking their assets. Corporate Art Force, a company that provides businesses throughout the United States and Canada with art procurement and installation services, began tagging art with before installation. The firm utilizes tag-read data to store its own records of which items were sent to which locations, and offers a service to customers enabling them to track the paintings on their own sites as well.

Popis: Asset Tracking Case Study: Corporate Art Force Lea DeJarlais Corporate Art Force Case Study Each piece of art is tagged with an Avery Dennison AD-223 inlay featuring an Impinj Monza 3 tag chip. When Corporate Art Force receives a work of art from an artist, data regarding that item, such as its size, description, title and approximate value, along with the artist's name, is entered into SimplyRFID's software. When artwork is delivered to a customer, a Corporate Art Force worker scans each piece of art with a handheld reader. Software installed on the handheld unit displays a description of the artwork, and the employee can then confirm that the proper piece of art is being delivered to the correct customer. The tags not only enable customers to maintain updated inventory records of their artwork, but can deter theft. While the system is mainly focusing on inventory management, it can also be used in tandem with a security or surveillance system if fixed RFID readers are installed.

Dodavatel: SimplyRFID

Odběratel: Corporate Art Force



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Použité tagy: Avery Dennison AD-223

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Technologie: UHF (MHz)