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ID projektu: 238

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Daimler

Anotace: The well-know car manufacturer Daimler is deploying an RFID system to track Mercedes S-class cars during the quality assurance evaluation process. As cars move through manufacturing facility, they are first assembled, then moved to a quality assurance area where they are put through a number of tests, at which their engines, electronics, driving performance, and exterior are evaluated. If the quality assurance area is full, cars are stored at buffer zones until there is space available.

Popis: Tracking the finished vehicles through the QA zones can be both time-consuming and costly. One of Daimler's main goals in deploying RFID technology is to track car locations to reduce vehicle search times and associated labor costs. The vehicles are tagged with UHF RIFD tags, including the Avery Dennison AD-222 and AD-843 inlays featuring Impinj Monza 3 tag chips, and readers are placed around the parking spaces in the quality assurance and buffer zones to track the vehicles. In order to mimic real-world scenarios, the company tested the process of reading the tags while car doors were opened and closed, while a vehicle was in motion or up on a lift, and while workers used other electronic equipment operating at the same radio frequency as the RFID equipment. After testing showed that affixing an RFID tag on the backside of the rear-view mirror was the optimal location and the only interference came from machinery in the facility operating at the same frequency as the RFID equipment. With this finding, steps are underway to correct this issue and reduce any chance of interference.


Odběratel: Daimler



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Použité tagy: Avery Dennison AD-222 and AD-843

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Cíl použití: Evidence

Sektor: Automoto

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Čtecí vzdálenost: Střední [2 - 6 m]

Technologie: UHF (MHz)