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Název: Logistics Case Study: Warmkraft

Anotace: Department of Defense subcontractor, Warmkraft, needed to automate the labor-intensive order fulfillment process for millions of uniforms they ship each year. The RFID's solution delivers: •50% lower costs for manual shipping labor •Decreased error rate from 5% to 0.2% •Increased efficiency and accuracy of shipment, inspection, and payment processes

Popis: Challenge Warmkraft processes millions of uniforms from garment manufacturers and treats each with insect repellant, waterproofing, and wrinkle-proofing chemicals before sending them to recruitment centers. Before integrating RFID into its shipping procedure, Warmkraft employees had to manually inspect every garment before shipment, to make sure the right orders were sent to the right locations. Cartons of uniforms were regularly inspected before being shipped. If any mistakes were found, the entire order would be manually checked for further inaccuracies before transport. Since Warmkraft does not own the garments it treats, it had to account for every garment from its suppliers. In addition, many of its subcontracts with the military are nearly identical, making a precise inspection process crucial to success. Warmkraft sought a solution that could improve their time and labor-intensive shipping procedure while maintaining the company’s high standard of accuracy. Since the Department of Defense mandates that certain products, like military uniforms, be tagged at the item-level, Warmkraft has to deal with a large number of RFID tags for the many garments it treats. They needed a system that that would only identify tags that were ready for shipment and not those that were located in other locations throughout their facility. How It Works Warmkraft employees attach Avery Dennison AD-223 RFID tags containing Impinj Monza® chips to uniform garments after treatment. SimplyRFiD’s Nox software records each tag’s ID number and the garment’s stock-keeping unit (SKU). Then the uniforms are packed into cartons and stored to await shipment. When Warmkraft receives a uniform order from the military, the cartons are removed from storage and placed on a conveyor belt, where the garment tags are read and recorded into the Nox software system by ThingMagic Astra readers. The Nox software then ensures that each garment tag matches the order’s SKU. Tags on the conveyor belt are read twice within a predetermined time period, as they pass beneath two RFID readers. “Stray tags” are not read twice thereby allowing the software to differentiate between those garments intended for shipment and those sitting on nearby tables. A Zebra Technologies R110Xi printer-encoder prints and attaches an RFID label to the carton, associating the garment tags with the new carton label. If not all the tags match, a label marked “exception” is instead attached, indicating that the carton must be removed. Both the ThingMagic readers and Zebra Technologies printers contain Impinj Indy® reader chips. After the first reading, cartons are loaded onto a pallet and brought to a stretch-wrap machine where another reader records each carton’s ID number and attaches another tag to the stretch-wrapped pallet. SimplyRFiD software sends an advance shipping notice and billing details to the military branch receiving the order. After shipment, members of that military branch read the tags, verify that the order is correct, and authorize Warmkraft’s payment. Benefits SimplyRFiD’s software solution and Impinj’s RFID technology have radically increased the efficiency and maintained the meticulous accuracy of Warmkraft’s inspection and shipping procedures. Warmkraft’s manual shipping labor costs have decreased by 50% and its error rate has decreased by 4.8%. The solution allows for a faster payment process and greater shipment reliability—a logistical upgrade for Warmkraft, and a significant example of the value of RFID to the US military. Warmkraft Warmkraft, a general contractor and subcontractor for the US Department of Defense, was founded in 1984. Based in Taylorsville, Mississippi with a secondary location in Stonewall, Mississippi, Warmkraft chemically treats uniforms for the US Air Force and US Marine Corps.

Dodavatel: SimplyRFID

Odběratel: Warmkraft

Přínosy: •50% lower costs for manual shipping labor •Decreased error rate from 5% to 0.2% •Increased efficiency and accuracy of shipment, inspection, and payment processes


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