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ID projektu: 245

Název: Entertainment Case Study: Caminha São Paulo

Anotace: The São Paulo State Government was in search of a way to create interactive experiences for residents and tourists who travel the scenic, historic routes in São Paulo. The RFID solution delivers: •Discounts at restaurants, shops, and hotels along the trail •Social media updates •Verified certificate of participation

Popis: Challenge ‘Caminha São Paulo’ recreates the routes traveled by ancient Jesuit priests in the 16th century. Given the trails’ historical significance, the São Paulo State Government wanted to encourage residents and tourists to travel the scenic routes by making them more exciting and interactive. RFID technology was considered because it offered a way to connect the trails of the physical world to the online world. RFsense, a Brazilian company focused on RFID solutions, was chosen for the project because of their ability to supply the entire solution and meet the strict timeline of the project. They were tasked with building outdoor, weather-resistant RFID portals that would serve as checkpoints along the trails and communicate to a central server. The trails were often in remote areas, requiring RFsense to overcome challenges with logistics and electricity. Similarly, given the lack of internet connectivity, RFsense needed to develop an application that would run on the reader enabling it to transmit data through 3G cellular connectivity. Impinj readers were chosen because of their capability to run this embedded on-reader application and to perform in a rugged environment, both necessary criteria for the solution. How It Works Walkers first register online and are provided login information for their own personalized webpage where they can write stories, post photos, and share their journey experience. Dispersed along the trail, there are four stations issuing RFID-enabled badges. Walkers begin by bringing their enrollment confirmation to one of the four stations where they are given personalized RFID badges that are associated with their webpage and which can be connected to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Along the trail, RFsense installed twenty-two RFID portals that contain Impinj Speedway® Revolution readers. Walkers simply wave their RFID cards in front of the portals to be recognized by the reader, which then communicates back to the data center via 3G cellular connectivity. RFsense developed the connectivity solution that runs on the readers and uses General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to transmit data from the RFID reader to the datacenter. As walkers pass through the RFID portals on the trails, their webpage and social networks like Facebook and Twitter are updated so friends and family members can follow their status. Walkers can also receive discounts at nearby shops, restaurants, and hotels by passing a portal reader. Finally, each portal acts as a checkpoint along the trail, and walkers receive a certificate of participation upon passing through twelve of the portals. Benefits The interactive RFID portals along the trails enhance the experience of the Caminha São Paulo tour. The technology enables many cool features that make the trails more interesting and interactive such as promotions for local restaurants and hotels, social media updates, and a verified certificate of participation in the tour. Since installing the portals, the paths have seen an increase in traffic, from both locals and tourists. Caminha São Paulo ‘Caminha São Paulo’ or ‘Walk São Paulo’ is an interactive Brazilian walking tour organized by the São Paulo State Government to encourage a healthy lifestyle and increase tourism. These leisurely paths stretch over 200 miles (370km) along the coast of São Paulo linking the cities of Ubatuba and Peruíbe.

Dodavatel: RFSense

Odběratel: The São Paulo State Government



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