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ID projektu: 249

Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Love's Travel Stops

Anotace: Love's Travel Stops was in search of an integrated RFID system to provide cardless fueling for increased loyalty and security at the over 290 locations across the United States. The RFID solution delivers: •Provides efficient and secure fueling process •Improves driver efficiency •Reduces fueling time •Reduces fuel theft

Popis: Challenge Love’s Travel Stops are frequented by truck drivers, many of whom are repeat customers. Drivers fueling at Love’s typically use a fuel payment service such as Comdata, which provides fuel cards (much like MasterCard® and VISA®). To be authorized for fueling, a driver must first swipe a card and then enter his driver ID number and other key data elements in a keypad for the fuel purchase to be correctly billed. If the driver makes a mistake in entering the numbers, the process must be repeated. If the card can’t be read, or if the keypad isn’t working correctly, the driver must go inside before beginning fueling, which can be frustrating and time consuming. The “fuel card” process has also been susceptible to fuel theft by truckers, as one driver may authorize a pump for fueling, and then allow another driver to fill up his vehicle at the expense of the former driver’s company. Love’s sought a system that would encourage drivers and their employers to fuel at Love’s by providing the needed security to prevent such fuel theft, while also allowing fast fueling for drivers by eliminating the need for fuel cards and manual data entry. Love’s sought help from QuikQ, a software development company dedicated to improving the trucking industry’s fuel transactions. QuikQ’s SmartQ™ solution using Impinj RFID components provided the greatest security, features and return on investment to truck stops, and significantly reduced transaction fees to the Love’s Travel Stops organization. How It Works QuikQ’s SmartQ solution uses Impinj Speedway Revolution readers to control antennas mounted in each fueling lane. Affixed to the interior of each truck is an Invengo tamper-resistant windshield tag with an Impinj Monza 4QT RFID chip encoded with a unique tag identification (TID) number which is associated to the truck. Also encoded in the chip are the credentials of the user’s payment system. QuikQ provides their own payment based software, known as DFConnect™, which is integrated with the carriers’ enterprise system and allows a direct pay relationship between the truck stop and the carrier. When tagged trucks drive up to a fuel pump, the Speedway Revolution reader captures the TID number and billing information and transmits the data over a secure network connection to the Love’s payment system. Upon authorization, the diesel pump is activated and drivers can begin fueling. Based on the allowed fuel limit, the dispenser will automatically shut off once the limit has been met. RFID antennas are specially positioned to only read trucks immediately in the “fueling zone,” preventing any stray tag reads. Once a truck pulls out of the fuel lane, the pump is automatically deactivated for fueling. Benefits QuikQ’s RFID system has made Love’s Travel Stops an attractive fueling spot for truckers and their companies. With new federal regulations, reducing the time a driver is in the fuel lane allows the driver to drive more miles in the allocated on-the-job time. This is achieved by removing the multiple card swipes, fewer driver prompts and automated processes. As a result, the time in the fuel lane is reduced and the fuel line queue (trucks lined up to fuel) is smaller. With the use of RFID technology, carriers are assured the authorized purchased fuel is for the intended truck. Through web portal access, carriers can monitor “real-time” truck purchases, including trends and statistics such as where, when, volume, etc. Love’s has nearly completed outfitting all 290+ travel stops with the QuikQ SmartQ RFID solution. Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores Love’s began in 1964 when Tom and Judy Love opened their first gas station in rural Oklahoma. Since then, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores has expanded to over 290 locations across 39 US states. Love’s Country Stores are convenience stores with fueling stations, while Love’s Travel Stops are larger travel centers located off interstate highways with amenities such as restaurants, trucking supplies, and showers.

Dodavatel: QuikQ

Odběratel: Love's Travel Stops



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