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Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: Cisco Systems

Anotace: With a proven track record of leveraging new technologies to solve business problems, Cisco Systems took a big step forward in choosing RFID technology to track and manage the corporation’s continuously growing collection of IT assets around the United States. Before deciding on RFID, the company created a task force to find an asset tracking solution that incorporated the needs of all stakeholders. During their research it was found that Cisco employees had a lack of awareness of how to correctly move assets between locations. The committee found that Cisco was in need of an RFID system that could automatically track asset movement and eliminate manual recording processes for more accurate and simplified tracking of equipment.

Popis: Cisco partnered with RFID Global Solution to build a system to adapt to the variety of surface types and sizes that needed to be cataloged. At a central receiving facility, each item receives an RFID tag with a unique ID number and is then shipped to its final location. Items are checked-in as they move through an RFID-enabled doorway or are scanned with a handheld device. When selecting readers for Cisco’s 28 facilities throughout the United States, RFID Global Solution found that the advanced capabilities of Impinj’s Speedway Revolution fixed RFID reader could better handle the larger doorways that saw heavier traffic of tagged items. The project has been a success. Cisco employees are now able to locate assets much faster than before and each site has been able to cut its cycle-count time from a few weeks to a few hours. In addition to more accurate inventory counts and easier device location, managers are able to set alerts to assets that are not meant to leave the lab or need frequent calibration for easier monitoring. Cisco expects to see a return on its RFID investment within 24 to 36 months.

Dodavatel: RFID Global Solution

Odběratel: Cisco Systems

Přínosy: - faster assets identification and device location


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