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ID projektu: 258

Název: Logistics Case Study: Qantas

Anotace: - faster check in for frequent flyers - improved baggage-handling efficiency

Popis: Qantas has deployed a reusable baggage using Tagsys' technology to aid in next-generation airport check-ins. In the first phase of deployment, approximately 100,000 Qantas platinum, gold, silver and bronze frequent flyers were provided with loyalty cards featuring built-in RFID tag. Customers use the loyalty cards to check themselves and their luggage in, and can also use the card as a boarding pass. Customers were also given RFID bag tags called "Q Bag Tag" to permanently attach to their luggage. These medallion-style tags designed by RFID solution provider Tagsys feature Impinj Monza 4 tag chips encased in a custom-built plastic housing, and allow customers to skip long lines and quickly drop off their bags at self check-in stations. The tags also have a small footprint and very high electronic reading and writing performance for all tag orientations. Besides speeding up the check-in process, the luggage tags also help improve baggage-handling efficiency. Qantas deployed handheld RFID readers to ground crews for quick baggage locating if a piece of luggage needed to be offloaded. The tags store information on up to four flights, and can be reprogrammed for trips. According to Tagsys, the deployment of permanent RFID-based baggage tags is unique in the airline industry, as previous RFID-based baggage-tracking solutions have relied on disposable tags.

Dodavatel: Tagsys

Odběratel: Qantas



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