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Název: Asset Tracking Case Study: PAK

Anotace: PAK was in search of a system that reduce their error prone system of manually counting the 210 tons of laundry processed at their facility each week. The RFID solution delivers: •Improved efficiency of operations •Improved loss prevention •Competitive pricing and value-added service offerings •Doubled workload from 2011 to 2013

Popis: Challenge Each day, PAK picked up soiled linen which had been hand counted by its customers. On the following day, they were expected to return the exact same amount of linens. However, manual counts conducted by PAK’s customers were always inaccurate (a problem inherent to soiled counting) and not being able to return exact amounts was very problematic. PAK sought an RFID-enabled textile-tracking system to enable total linen monitoring throughout the whole linen cycle, while increasing facility and operation efficiency, preventing loss and ensuring customers receive the correct textiles. PAK chose to work with USTEK RFID Solutions, a sister company that designs and manufactures integrated RFID terminals for industrial laundry markets worldwide. It was challenging to find RFID products that operated well in the PAK facility, as the environment was damp and full of metal trolleys. After testing many different readers, chips and antennas in the facility, USTEK and PAK chose to use Impinj products due to their superior performance. How It Works A wash-resistant RFID tag is heat sealed or sewn into each textile. Each tag IC is programmed with a unique EPC number, which is linked to a database containing information about the type of textile, the number of wash cycles it has been through, the customer the textile belongs to, and the department in which it is used. Integrated RFID terminals built to purpose, containing fixed Impinj Speedway readers and antennas are set up at customers’ facilities, in areas such as linen storage, exits, uniform dispatch, and at PAK’s facility, at packaging stations, laundry check-in and dispatch areas. As the textiles move to and from the customers and throughout the laundry facility, the readers monitor each item and update its status in the database, simultaneously providing operational benefits like soiled/clean counts, delivery bills and package labels. Readers are able to detect wrongly-sorted textiles, preventing loss and confusion. Additionally, the database keeps count of the number of times each textile has been washed, and issues alerts when it is time to retire old linens. Benefits Implementation of the USTEK RFTT (Radio Frequency Textile Tracking) System has greatly benefited PAK. It allows the company to monitor and pinpoint lost items with great accuracy, while simultaneously reducing staff at every stage of the linen cycle. Thanks to the reliable, error-free process flow the system enables, PAK has been able to cut lost item margins off its rental prices, increasing the competitiveness of its pricing. Also, PAK is now able to offer a value-added, wash-count based rental service to its clients to help them monitor their linens, prevent and detect theft and loss, and track stock aging. Some PAK customers have even leveraged the RFTT infrastructure to track valuables such as key chains, paintings and televisions. PAK’s augmented services have attracted so much new business that from 2011 to 2013 PAK, a 25-year-old, constantly growing company, doubled its workload. PAK PAK is an industrial laundry facility located in Istanbul, Turkey with more than 25 years of industry leadership experience. PAK embraces the world-recognized industry standard RAL-GZ-992 of the German Association of Official Certification Management, and has held ISO-9000 certification since 2007. As of 2013, PAK washed about 210 tons of laundry per week for a wide variety of clients including hospitals, health centers, industrial firms and hotels.


Odběratel: PAK

Přínosy: •Improved efficiency of operations •Improved loss prevention •Competitive pricing and value-added service offerings •Doubled workload from 2011 to 2013


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