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ID projektu: 264

Název: Asset Tracking with RFID: Lebanese Bank

Anotace: Banque Libano-Française (BLF), a major Lebanese bank with over 50 branches located throughout the country, is reducing manual labor and improving inventory management with RFID. BLT is using an RFID system (called Passport Asset) from ASAP Systems to track over 50,000 items across all of their locations. Prior to the RFID system, bank workers had to manually count all assets at the branch–including furniture, electronics and bank equipment—by recording serial numbers or scanning an item’s barcode. This process was time consuming, prone to errors and disruptive as it often required workers to move items in order to capture their serial number. That all changed once BLF adopted RFID.

Popis: At each branch, all assets are tagged with Smartrac ShortDipole tags containing Impinj Monza RFID chips. Workers perform inventory counts with Motorola Solutions’ handheld readers powered by Impinj Indy reader chips. The readers capture each item’s unique ID number, which is matched in ASAP’s Passport Asset software to the item’s description, serial number and branch location. When the inventory-taking process is complete, the software highlights missing items. RFID technology and Passport Asset are reducing labor costs for BLF, while providing more visibility into inventory levels at all of their branches. The system gives BLF’s management the ability to see which assets are at each location and how long they have been there, what items are missing, and when an item needs to be serviced or replaced.


Odběratel: Banque Libano-Francaise

Přínosy: reducing labor costs providing more visibility into inventory levels


Rok: 2011


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